Introducing the Coombe Design Narrative

The Coombe design narrative has been developed for the landscapes of the Eastern Quarry, which are characterised by surrounding chalk cliffs and a range of gradients sloping down to the lakes on the southern boundary.

The Coombe narratives have been informed by the analysis of the urban morphology of local villages at the boundary of chalk slopes and local rivers and marshland, and the industrial architectures of the cement works.

The diagram below illustrates how the Coombe narrative has been developed further into three sub-narratives ( ‘the Scarp’, ‘the Pinch’ and ‘the Pent’), each one responding to a different type of slope, to demonstrate how housing types, car parking approaches and associated densities can respond to the differences in topography to create defined character areas.

This is an illustrative diagram setting out the principles for how ‘the Scarp’, ‘the Pinch’ and ‘ the Pent’ narratives have been developed to respond to different topographies within the landscape.

the scarp.jpg